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What makes HostBacon so exceptional is the premium quality of our service and our commitment to excellence by providing that extra bit of something - no extra charge! At HostBacon we put ourselves in our customers' shoes to gain an understanding of their unique needs. We also make our hosting as simple as possible without compromising quality. We monitor and maintain our web hosting hardware to ensure top performance while we research new technologies and integrate cutting edge improvements to offer the most premium service in the business. We focus on value and personal service, offering you a maximum quality product for your investment.

Why bacon, you ask? We believe that bacon makes everything in the world better. Think of that freshly made burger you've just picked up in your hands. How much more delicious would that burger be if you ordered it with bacon? Most web hosts don't offer that extra indulgence with their services without some sort of surcharge. HostBacon staff not only provide customers with this extra something free of charge, but understand that customers want what is best for them. We ensure that we provide the best possible service without you having to ask for extra bacon.

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As an Australian owned and operated business we pride ourselves on hosting your email and website data locally here in Australia. This has many advantages over hosting internationally: